Thursday, 12 March 2015

My 'Wonder' Writing

My sheets cling to my hot, sweaty body. My name is August, by the way and I am six years old. Mum's scared eyes look down at me meaningfully. "I'm nervous" I tell her in a small, broken voice. "It's ok Auggie, this will be your last surgery for a while" she replies, patting my hand.

Today, I am having my 21st operation on my face.

The walls around me are white and daunting, so I feel even more scared. "Have some juice August" My Dad says, suddenly entering the room. He holds the brightly coloured juice box out in front of me, which I accept eagerly. A knock echoes through the small room and the door opens. A lady dressed in a white, stiff, rigid dress walks in, a clipboard in her hand.

"Hi, I'm Lilly, one of the nurses here" she glances over to me, and a notice a faint register of shock in her eyes. "And you must be August, a pleasure to meet you all" Nurse Lilly says, plastering a fake smile on her face. I raise my hand meekly and give a little wave.

"I just came to tell you that we need to go, it's time for your operation" Lilly says in a creepily calm voice. My arms and legs go tense and I slap a grimace onto my deformed face. Mum helps me into a wheelchair anfd brushes my bangs out of my eyes. "You'll be okay Auggie" Mum and Dad say in unison.

Nurse Lilly wheels me out of the door. "So, August, do you know what this operation is going to do?" She asks kindly. I shake my head. "Well, it's going to make your cheeks look, more, normal" Lilly replies. She pushes open a door with the words 'Surgery Room' on it. I gulp and grip onto thr arm rests.

The room is dimly lit and there are three surgeons walking around with various medical objects.I catch a glimpse of a small object, resembling to a knife, mettalic and sharp. "Whatis that?" I ask Nurse Lilly, pointing at the worrying thing. She looks over in the direction of my hand, "It's called a scalpal" she replies. My eyes widen, that sounds scary.

I lie down on the bed in the centre of the room. Nurse Lilly brings a needle and a bottle of special cream over to me. She squirts some onto my arm and sticks the needle into my flesh. Because of the cream, it doesn't hurt a bit, but I feel liquid rushing up my veins. And then I fall asleep...

My eyes flutter opento see that that I am no longer in the hospital. My face is stinging, as if a million knives are stabbing me. There is a big box sitting stock still on the end of my bed, I wonder what it is? I hope it's a Star Wars toy. I lift off the lid and in the box is a little white and brown collie dog! The thing about it that grabbed my attention was the flower shaped spot on her back.

"Daisy, that's what I'll call her" I whisper, as if it's a secret.

I am learning to add vocabulary.

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