Friday, 30 May 2014

My Landscape Art

In my art I think my landscape is at the relational stage because I have used a vanishing point and horizon.My next step is to ask for feedback.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

King Tutankhamun


In 1341 BC, a king to be was born, Tutankhamun.His father, the Pharoh of Egypt was ruling at that time and was married to an egyptian woman, known as 'The Younger Lady'.After nine years, the young boy took reign, and was known as King Tutankhamun, 12th ruler of the 18th egyptian dynasty.


Tutankhamun was born in Akhetaten in 1341 BC.He was born to Amenhotep (also known as Akhenaten) and his mother 'The Younger Lady'.At nine years of age, he took reign and fixed all that was wrong.He was King Tutankhamun, 12th ruler of the 18th egyptian dynasty.

Family/Middle Years

At a young age he married his half sister, Ankhesenpaaten, who, later, changed her name to Ankhesenamun.They later on had two daughters, that sadly died.One died at five or six months of pregnancy, the other, nine.


In 1323, Tutankhamun suddenly died.There are many ideas on how he died, some thought he died of Maleria, and others thought he was murdered.The tomb was prepared hastily for the 18 year old DEAD king to lie in as he died suddenly.His tomb was discovered in 1922, nearly 3000 years after his death.It was found in what is now the Valley of The Kings, by British archeologists.When the tomb was found, it was robbed at least twice.It is well known for its amazing treasures, which have been moved to museums throughout Egypt.


In Egypt, a Pharoh would oversee the temples, law, crops and other important things.Tutankhamun's father left the country in a bad condition, which only left Tutankhamun to fix it.He succeded immensly, and was one of the most respected Pharohs.


Overall, Tutankhamun was a very effective leader and put all wrong, right!He is most famous for his amazing tomb and its bejewled treasures.


A severe disease carried by bugs in Africa.

A person who works to find artifects and natural wonders from the past.

The egyptian version of a king, a person who watches over the country.

Often a pyramid in Egypt, where the people put the dead royals, as well as their many treasures.The body was placed in a room called the burial chamber.

A group or family.

What used to be the capital city in Egypt.(It is now Cairo)

By Isla :-)

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Mihi


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