Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Cutting Wedge

What-WALT show our understanding using character webs and story maps etc.
So What-I have learnt lots of different activities to show my understanding eg character webs.
Now What-Write more complex answers for the activities.

Activity 9

"When you have a big job to do ,you should call the experts"
(In this case a tree)
-The experts know how to cut down trees safely.
-They have done it before and they can do it well.
-Experts probably won't have the tree they have cut down in the nieghbours backyard.

-If you know how to cut down trees , do it yourself.
-You may not do it often but you might need to know how one day.
-It is easier and cheaper to do it yourself.

Te Reo

How Are You Feeling?

What-WALT ask how people are feeling in Maori.
So What-I have improved in my Te Reo and I have learnt some answers to kei te pehea koe.
Now What-Know the questions and answers off by heart.

Here are some examples....

Kei te pehea koe?
How are you feeling?

Kei te pai ahau.
I am fine.

Kei te pehea koe?

Kei te makariri ahau.
I am cold.

Kei te pehea koe?

Kei te wera ahau.
I am hot.

Small ball skills assessment

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Our CARE value improvement brainstorm

What-WALT solve conflict at school.
So What-I have improved in making plans to solve conflict.We brainstormed on what will improve our CARE values .We came up with several ideas like people who give out pozis and people get a lolly if they show CARE values every month.
Now What-We will put our plan into action.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


What-Write a statement about our findings.
So What-I learnt how to write a statement that tells my findings.
Now What-Show my findings on some different graphs .eg pictograph.


We were each given a mini pack of Smarties.We were told to write the following-I think ---------- will be the most popular coloured Smartie. And - I think there will be -----Smarties in my box.My findings were this -Green and Ten Smarties in a box.

Data Collection

Colour. Telly. Total
Green. II. 13 Smarties.
Blue. III
Orange. I
Yellow. I
Pink. I
Brown. III
Red. II


The most popular colours of Smarties are: Blue and Brown.
The least popular colours are: Pink , Orange and Yellow.

My portrait of a friend

What-Use complementary colours to add interest,moods and feelings.
So What-Advanced,I have included all main facial features like my mouth,nose,eyes and ears.All of these facial features are the right size and shape and are drawn in the right place.I have added at least three other features on my face like eyelashes ,freckles .I have used line around the outside of my portrait to make my colour stand out and have used at least two colour combinations to show differences in skin and hair colour.
Now What-show detailed and accurate facial features and add some more.

Conflict-How to solve it

What-We are learning to solve Conflict.
So What-I have improved at making plans to solve small problems.
Now What-Put my plans to solve Conflict at School into action.

Two girls are arguing over who's dance moves are better for a song that another girl who was not arguing brought along to dance to.
1.What can the girls do to cool off?
They could walk away,get a drink of water and think of something else.
2.What is the problem?
Jessica and sarah (the two girls)are arguing about who's move's are the best for the end of the song .
3.What are some solutions to the problem?
-choose some moves they both think are best.
-stop playing- maybe not
-Get the other girl, Taryn to choose them.
-Mix the steps together.
4.What solution have I chosen?
Choose some moves they both like.
5.How do I plan to do this?
They could each choose a few moves or get Taryn to choose the best moves.
6. Shake hands!Well Done!