Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Biggest Eagle In The World

What-to make a conclusion or an assumption.
So What-I learnt how to use a T Chart . I firstly wrote down a inference, then I'd write because..... (from the evidence from the text).
Now What-I think I should write down more ideas and only have to read the book once.

Here are a couple of my thoughts.......

-I think that the Haast's Eagle was the biggest eagle in the world because .... It weighed 13 kilograms , a wingspan of 2 metres and powerfully muscled legs and feet.

-I think the Moa was the biggest flightless bird in the world because ......... It weighed almost 200 kilograms.And the Maoris wanted it for its large amount of meat,bones and feathers.

Friday, 17 May 2013

A picture of a Deer

WALT-Sketch an animal.
So What-I learnt how to draw a Deer properly and we had to show where the light was coming from in our shading , the shading was done on the opposite side of where the light was coming from.
Now What-Not having to use the small guide lines to help me draw the shape and not having help from a tutor.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


W.A.L.T:Show our understanding of why Gallipoli is important.
So What:I learnt why Gallipoli is important , where it is and what it is.
Now What:Not having to research before writing down my findings.

What is Gallipoli and why is it important?

Gallipoli is a peninsula in the north western side of Turkey near Istanbul.
It was the place where many of New Zealand's and Australia's men , teenagers were brave, killed or injured.In all 2,721 NZ soliders were killed on that beachfront,more than 25% of those who landed at Gallipoli.

(What is special about it and what was unfair)
-New Zealand and Australia working together.
-They evacuated after 8 months
-It was where many brave soliders died.
-Maori battalion took part in the first attack by maori soliders outside NZ.
-It was harder for the ANZACs to fight the Turks due to not being in their own country.