Thursday, 17 April 2014

End of Term Reflection

The area of my learning that I have made the most progress on is Algebra because at the start o.f the term I had no idea how to do it but now it makes sense and I'm quite good at it.

The area I want to improve on next term is Ukelele because I am not very good at changing chords.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Our Making Choices Video

In this video media and friends influence her to drink.

My Writing

WALT-I can elaborate my ideas to include description of characters,settings and important events.

Ruby was slightly trembling,she was scared.Her eyes were wide with fright as she peered through the crack in the door."Mum,Dad!"she said faintly,because she,Ruby Redfort was well and truly scared!

I know I can do this because I have stated how the character is feeling,the action and what the character said/would say during this situation.I have also asked for feedback.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Tamara & Isla's Maths Video

WALT:use equations to represent practical situations

Making Choices


Friends also can influence you in good and bad ways.For example peer pressure .This is when your friend is pressuring you to do something you don't want to do,can't do or are not allowed to do.This usually leads to friends breaking up.This usually happens because you have decided to not do what they want you to do,and the may say that they won't be your friend anymore.So they are often bad influences.Thos happens frequently
 between friends.

I have been learning how to use descriptive verbs in my writing,the verbs in this paragraph include...
Usually,often and frequently.

Making Inferences

I am learning to make inferences.
This is a map I used to make inferences.
Firstly I read the text,I was given questions to answer on the map.I found the answers in the text.After writing what the text was I wrote what I thought it meant.Finally I wrote what the inference was.