Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Senses of the Sea

In Room 11 we are learning to : Use our senses (hearing,smell,touch,taste and sight.)to describe
our thoughts,experiences and feelings.
So What : I've learnt that you have to use lots of interesting describing words so that the person reading it feel like they are in the story.
Now What:I think I need to describe more about what the rocks and seagulls are like (in I hear and I see.)
Here is my story describing my day at the beach:

I see monstrous waves clashing onto the hot silky sand as if the sand was in trouble with the waves and
I can see seagulls searching for fish around the wet and slippery rocks.I hear furious waves smashing on
the sand and seagulls screeching numerous amounts of times.I smell the salty fragrant perfume of the sea with a whiff of fish making a perfect smell for the ocean.I feel the calm salty mist spraying against
my cheek as the waves clash on the beach like a thunderstorm.I feel soaked and excited!!!!!