Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Speech

Why We Should Save Endangered Species From Habitat Loss

Animals all over the world are suffering, suffering from disease and being poached. On the other hand, animals are also dying from Habitat Loss, people building farms, houses and other buildings are destroying many animals’ homes. This happens all over the world, and should definitely be stopped.

Habitat Loss. Habitat Loss is, yet another fatal reason why animals are suffering. Orangutans and Sumatran Tigers are suffering a lot due to habitat loss, palm oil plantations and house and farm land. But palm oil is the main problem. Palm oil comes from a reddish brown fruit from a Palm Oil tree. Orangutans live in parts of Indonesia and Malaysia and the tigers live in the small island of Sumatra, which is also part of Indonesia, which is also where the main Palm Oil plantations in the world are being made, but when the industry needs more plantation space, the forest is destroyed. Palm Oil is an ingredient in products like; chocolate, cookies, popcorn, crackers, low fat dairy products, lollies, soap, frozen dinners, cosmetics, biodegradable car fuel. You may think that is a lot, but there are thousands of other products. It is also a main cooking ingrediant in Africa, Southeast Asia and parts of Brazil. So we are basically, constantly eating/using palm oil products. Since palm oil is in some of the favourite foods in the world, we are almost encouraging companies to keep using palm oil in their products, people are also greedy. So that leads to the forests being bulldozed down. Therefore, leaving the Orangutans and Tigers with no home. Which is not fair because these animals are already endangered and are now becoming critically endangered.

Some people are addicted with palm oil products and don't care that it is destroying animals' homes. Much of the palm oil that is consumed as food is, to some degree, oxidized rather than in a fresh state, and this oxidization appears to be responsible for health risk associated with palm oil. Not only that, but palm oil is made up of a number of fatty acids. Palm oil also increases blood cholesterol and causes heart disease.

Overall, with numbers of species lowering, some animals are coming close to extinction. Without animals, we would not have anything beautiful and natural. Because many plants need animals to survive. So we should be helping animals survive. Some don’t believe, but they have no idea how beautiful they are.

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