Tuesday, 14 May 2013


W.A.L.T:Show our understanding of why Gallipoli is important.
So What:I learnt why Gallipoli is important , where it is and what it is.
Now What:Not having to research before writing down my findings.

What is Gallipoli and why is it important?

Gallipoli is a peninsula in the north western side of Turkey near Istanbul.
It was the place where many of New Zealand's and Australia's men , teenagers were brave, killed or injured.In all 2,721 NZ soliders were killed on that beachfront,more than 25% of those who landed at Gallipoli.

(What is special about it and what was unfair)
-New Zealand and Australia working together.
-They evacuated after 8 months
-It was where many brave soliders died.
-Maori battalion took part in the first attack by maori soliders outside NZ.
-It was harder for the ANZACs to fight the Turks due to not being in their own country.

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